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Canopies from polycarbonate. Canopy 12
  • Canopies from polycarbonate. Canopy 12

Canopies from polycarbonate. Canopy 12

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Brand:Альянс Срой-Груп
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Canopies from polycarbonate. Canopy 12

Our company is engaged in production of canopies of various configuration and complexity in Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. The Alliance Stroy-Group enterprise offers additional services in delivery of the order which can be carried out, both according to standard projects, and on individually developed project.

We are ready to offer you as production of standard canopies, and to develop for you exclusive design of a canopy or to make a canopy according to your drawings. What option you would not choose, can always count on high quality, reliability and durability of canopies of our production. If you want to put a canopy for the car, just a canopy at yourself on a site or plan to cover summer the platform, address, and specialists of our company will help you with the choice of the best for you option.

Canopies from the Alliance Stroy-Group company are a high quality, reasonable price, short deadlines of production, modern design and a guarantee. The individual approach, full range of services and a wide experience of the company allow to carry out orders of any complexity.

Kinds of canopies

Canopies, as well as peaks, are intended for protection against natural rainfall and against influence of ultraviolet rays of the sun, but also carry out also esthetic function, decorating a canopy installation site. Kinds of canopies: canopies from polycarbonate, awning canopies, canopies for cars, canopies for pools, canopies for summer cafes, canopies for trading floors, etc.

At production of canopies we use various finishing materials among which there is a cellular and monolithic polycarbonate, PVC-fabric is (awning), a professional flooring, a metal tile. Today the most used material for finishing of canopies is cellular polycarbonate. Its popularity is easily explainable, this material collected in itself very interesting properties: ease that considerably simplifies installation process; durability, is stronger in hundreds than glass of times; the durability, does not lose the properties for decades; fire safety, is the self-fading material and does not distinguish harmful substances on burning time.

Canopies from a polikarbonataa of other materials are widely used in many fields of activity of the person. Canopies are applied to protection of cars against natural rainfall, for a nakrytiya of pools and summer platforms, and also for a nakrytiya of trade places in the markets and trading floors.
Brand:Альянс Срой-Груп
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 28.07.2020
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